Nov 1, 2010

Second Graders at the Dominican School for Deaf Children in South Africa

Makassed Khalil Shehab School is now on their map! a memorable are in our hearts
"We, the Dominican School for Deaf Children, Wittebome, will strive with LOVE and CARE to recognize the needs of all given into our charge, and we commit ourselves to guide them in truth to achieve their full potential."

School Net South Africa has worked with the local authority to plan school visits to Microsoft Innovative Teachers who attended the World Wide IEF. We visited Dominican School for Deaf Children in the suburb south of Cape Town. The children in this school are from economically depressed communities who are able to contribute little or nothing to the cost of their children's education. Never the less, it is essential that these children are given an education which will enable them to function as independent and productibve adults. The pupils enter school at the age of 4 or 5 years. They come from all over South Africa and Namibia and proceed through school according to their levels of ability. The aim is equipping the pupils with the educational, vocational, and social skills necessary for independent maturity.
It was an unforgettable experience!!!
Thank You for inviting us to your school...
Thank You for the beautiful and warm welcome...
Thank You for helping us learn and communicate with your kids...
We can't wait to begin collaborating with you!
Special thanks to Microsoft for organizing the school visits!

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