Teddy Bear Tour

We would like to introduce you to our new friend, Oscar. Oscar is a lucky, brown, little bear who is going to join us in his long and exciting adventure around the world to make new friends and learn new things. The furry toy would only spend a few weeks in a school/country before it is sent to its next destination to allow him some rest and opportunities to discover what traditions each country has to offer.Each school would keep a diary (written or video) of teddy's adventures before sending it on its journey to the next country. We are very excited about the prospect of welcoming Oscar as we follow his steps from one country to another.

Teddy Bear Tour Around The World

Oscar on Independence Day: Poland

Oscar's Visit to Poland

Oscar at the Theater: Poland

Oscar's Adventure in Birchington, England

Oscar's Trip to Guangzhou, China

Oscar's Adventures in India

Oscar in Lebanon

Celebrating Special Days with Oscar: Lebanon

Oscar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Lebanon

Goodbye Oscar: Lebanon

Oscar's Twin Brother: Lucky

Take-Home Lucky 1

Take- Home Lucky 2