Nov 9, 2010

Oscar With Goldilocks And The Three Bears

building background: situation: good manners/ poor manners

predicting what the vocabulary might be- move the picture to find out.

The Three Bears
Father Bear is very fat... Mother Bear is very slim...
Little Bear is so cute I could die... WHAT A HAPPY FAMILY!
retelling the story in small groups
Extending the story: We discussed with our friend Oscar what happened to Goldilocks when she ran away, where she went, and what she saw.

'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' is Oscar's favorite folktale. We had fun listening to the story and using the interactive white board to reinforce vocabulary. Then we retold the story in small groups to bring the characters to life for Oscar. After that, we wrote a letter from Goldilocks to the three bears.

Finally, we learned how to pick a book that is “just right” for us to read by using this Goldilocks Test. We ask ourselves these questions, if our answer is yes, the book is probably:

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