Apr 29, 2010

Recycle Your CDs

We love finding ways to reuse and recycle things especially in creating fun projects! It was such a wonderful way to recycle the unwanted CDs into beautiful crafts...

Apr 26, 2010

Environmental Awareness Week

It was a successful 'Environmental Awareness Week'!

During this event, we've been doing our bit to go green at home and at school to help take care of our environment and to appreciate the beauty of our Earth. We took part in a range of activities and learned how to become more responsible in looking after our environment. These activities have really made us think about new ways to help save our Earth.
Let's take care of our Earth and go green!

Apr 23, 2010

For The Love Of Our Earth

Our Earth Day Activities

'Taking Care of the Earth' poem

'If you love our world' by first graders

Earth Day reminds us that we all share the same planet. We believe that this day should be every day! For the love of our Mother Earth, we've celebrated this special day in our special way!

Apr 20, 2010

"Where Could The Environment Be?" E- BOOK

Farah and Ahmad

Myebook - Where Could The Environment Be? - click here to open my ebook

Each year on April 22nd, a very important day is celebrated all over the world. It's EARTH DAY ! It's a special day to remind us that our Earth is so precious! We have learned about how to take care of the environment and watched a power point presentation about a little girl who wanted to find the environment because her teacher had told her that people need to keep the environment clean. But to keep it clean, she had to find it first. Did she find it? And was she able to save it? To find out, read our E- BOOK and enjoy!

Apr 15, 2010

Young Authors

referring to the charts

our mini- books


Many thanks to Mrs. Rana Sabbidine for the various resources that enrich Makassed ERC and sharing them with all the teachers...
The young authors' idea was taken from an article by Ms. Kathryn Brown in the "Young Children" magazine. We eagerly put pencils to paper and began making books...Now our class is full of writers!

Apr 1, 2010

Playground Games Project With Mid Calder Primary School, UK

We had fun watching your slideshow! It's so interesting to discover how to play games that kids our age from different culture play and enjoy...

Playground games have always been around! We gain knowledge and more understanding of other cultures through games. Our friends from Primary one at Mid Calder Primary School in West Lothian, United Kingdom have sent us this lovely slideshow showing us games they like to play in their playground. We have the opportunity to learn about new games that we haven't played before and will develop new physical skills. We also explore similarities and differences through this project.
Special thanks to Ms. Wilma Gordon and Mrs. Clements for sharing...We loved looking at your pictures of our friends' games. We hope you like ours, too.