May 29, 2010

Start Of Summer Vacation at Roosevelt Elementary School In California, USA

It's the end of the school year for our pen pals at Roosevelt Elementary School in California, USA. They have sent us a letter saying goodbye and telling us about their summer plans. We've enjoyed the art work we have received that show symbols about summer. We were delighted with our collaboration throughout the school year. The experience has really helped us strengthen our reading and writing skills. Learning has become authentic, exciting, and more vivid! We've made more cherished memories and many more new friends.
Thank you Ms. Robbie Christensen for giving us the chance to see what school life is in a different culture and we're looking forward to hearing from you next school year...
Have a wonderful summer vacation!

May 19, 2010

Toy Project With Gymnasium School, Omsk, Russia

Gymnasium School

just amazing hand- made toys

It's our great pleasure to have new friends from Gymnasium School in Russia. Thank you dear friends for joining our toy project. We loved every toy in your slideshow and your drawings are so creative!
Special thanks to Ms. Galina Merezhko for sharing us and we're really looking forward to collaborating with you in the future and learn more about your country, your traditions and customs.

'Go Green' Newsletter

Here is the link to our school newsletter and as usual, we hope you enjoy the variety and quality of our green activities.

May 18, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

The way to be happy... is to make someone HAPPY!

♥Sometimes I feel happy.
♥Sometimes I feel sad.
♥Sometimes I feel silly.
♥Sometimes I feel mad.
♥Whatever I am feeling, it's really quite okay.
♥For what I feel are feelings,
♥I feel different ways each day.
♥Sometimes I feel grumpy.
♥Sometimes I feel I'm sick inside.
♥Sometimes I feel embarrassed.
♥Sometimes I'm filled with pride.  

May 17, 2010

Beach Clean- Up Day With 'Cedars' Organization

Lebanon's President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Saad El- Hariri

Prime Minister Saad El- Hariri with our young clovers.

Beach Clean- Up Day

Lebanese Army soldiers and environmental campaigners participated in a global day to raise awareness about the importance of keeping beaches clean, so that everyone can enjoy them.
President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Saad El-Hariri attended the launching of the “Big Blue” cleaning station at Ramlet al-Baida.They also met a group of participating Army and volunteer divers. The project is organized in cooperation between Environment and Youth and Sports ministries and the local municipalities. Hundreds of volunteers removed rubbish from more than 70 beaches along Lebanon’s seashore. School and university students also participated including volunteers from the Civil Defense.
We, at KSPS, have also volunteered and headed out to help keep our beaches clean and enjoy our beautiful land.
So beach clean up continues....Lebanon has very beautiful beaches that need to be taken care of. We truly hope we don't need to clean- up anymore!!!
Big thank you to 'Cedars' organization and especially to Mrs. Iffat Shatila. And of course, a special thank you to the parents who volunteered with their children and helped at the event...

May 8, 2010

Exchanging Bookmarks With Sunset Elementary School, Craig CO, USA

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Our friends' beautiful bookmarks...

Happy to receive....Happy to send...

We recently received bookmarks and cards from our friends at Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colorado, USA. We loved the bookmarks so much! Then we began making ours and we we're glad to send postcards designating our very beloved country 'Lebanon'.
Dear friends, we have enjoyed the collaboration this year and we really loved your activities.
Mrs Cheryl Arnett, thank you so's always a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future."

Students' Voices Are Heard In Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Mohammad, your voice was heard and it was one of the strongest!


May 6, 2010

E- Waste And Battery Recycling Campaign

Congratulations to our young environmentalists!

Beeatoona power point presentation at UNESCO Palace talked about the big amount of e- waste that Makassed Association sent! Special thanks to Miss Adla Shatila, the director of IT and finance departments.

Our drawings on Voicethread

During our environmental awareness week, various projects tackling different important issues related to the environment were done at school by students. One of these projects that students have enjoyed working on was "Recycling Batteries." It proved to be a very crucial project that students gained a lot of information. The project passed through several stages before its final completion. First, students gathered information and read a lot about it. Then they worked in groups. Every group focused on an aspect of the project. They prepared drawings and posters and displayed them on bulletin boards. Students also piled all their work in a class book about batteries. In accordance to our choosing this project, we joined a Lebanese environmental organization called Beeatoona. We contacted them once we had collected a big number of unused batteries and e- waste. They were very elated when they found out about the amount of work done and presented us with awards in recognition to our active environmental effort.

Big Thank You to Miss Sabah Wazzan and Miss Rana Lawand