Dec 6, 2011

Celebrating Together: England

First graders at Berkeley Infant School in Lincolnshire, England, have joined our "Happy Days For You And Me" wiki. They have added pictures of the Christmas Tree and a very beautiful Christmas Display. Watch the video and enjoy listening to our friends singing, "Rudolph has a Cold."
Special Thank You to Mrs. Sarah Shepperson...We would like to welcome you to our wiki.
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
"Happy Days for You and Me" wiki

Dec 2, 2011

Things We Do As We Start School: North Carolina, USA

Our friends at Summit Charter School in North Carolina, USA sent us a message telling us about things they do as they start school:
- school supplies
- packing backpacks
- getting ready for school
- school day
Here is the message:

"Dear 1st Grade Class, 
Hello! We are Mrs. Hughes' 1st Grade Tech class at Summit Charter School in North Carolina, USA.  We are excited to be ePals with you this year.  For our first correspondence we worked on drawing pictures in paint and then we put them in a powerpoint so you could see "What we do to get ready for school".   
We started school in August.  Before school starts we have Book Day which is when we bring in all of our supplies and get our books.  We have to bring in things like tissues, wipes, folders, and other supplies. 
Once we start school we have things that we have to do to get ready for dress in dress code.  We have to wear shirts in white, green, navy, or yellow and our bottoms have to be khaki or navy.   
We also have to pack our backpacks with things for our books, learning logs and green folders.  Our learning log is where the teacher puts things that we need at home and our parents have to sign it every night. 
We have to pack our lunches to bring to school because we do not have a cafeteria at school.  We also bring a snack and a water bottle every day. 
Then we have to drive to school with our parents because we do not have buses to pick us up like other schools in the USA. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 
Talk to you soon! 
Mrs. Hughes' 1st Grade Tech Class"
Thank you Mrs. Hughes for sharing the power point presentation with us...we will also share how we get ready for school with you soon.