Nov 13, 2010

Color Changing Beads From Our Friends In Colorado

We got color changing beads from our friends at Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colorado. We made friendship bracelets in the sunlight and we saw how the beads changed color into a rainbow of color! Then we took our bracelets inside and noticed how the beads changed into white. We loved those frienship bracelets and the beautiful bookmarks, too! Thank you friends!

We had fun exploring the science of ultraviolet light with these amazing white beads! We placed the beads in a glass jar and exposed them to direct sunlight. The beads changed color fast. Then we arranged the beads in the sun so that they are completely shaded by sunglasses. The sunglasses protect the beads from changing color. All sunglasses should be UV protectes, in order to protect our eyes from the sun's damage.
After that, we took a few of the beads and covered them with a thick coat of sunscreen. We placed the beads on a paper and left them in the sun. The sunscreen was effective in keeping out harmful rays. Now we understand why doctors recommend wearing sunscreen, even on couldy days!

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