Jul 30, 2009

Our New Friends From China

Our new friends from China acting out one of the stories from their text. You can watch their video here.
We're looking forward to working on a range of collaborative activities.

We're so glad to meet new friends from China and learn more about them.

Jul 24, 2009

Our New Friends From Nepal

It's really great to have a lot of friends from different countries. New link means new experience. Here are our new friends from Nepal. Sometimes words are not so important and pictures do say it better. They say more than a thousand words. Our children continue to teach and inspire us all.

About SAV School...

"Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan is one of the English Medium Schools established in 1998 with 13 students in a backwarded countryside of Bhaktapur district of Nepal. The name of the village is Bageshwori (altitude approx. 1500 metre). It lies in the eastern part of Bhaktapur district. It was established when the parents were not so aware of their children's education."

Thank you Mr. Govinda Panthy for sharing your school pictures with us.

Our New Friends From Bulgaria

It's with great pleasure that we have established a link with 73 High School in Sofia, Bulgaria. We hope that this partnership will offer us rich opportunities and experiences. This project will be followed by many more projects to get the chance to know more about our new friends, their school days, and their culture.

Speical thanks to Ms. Valentina Korinove for sharing this wonderful presentation.

Jul 3, 2009

Happy Summer Vacation

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The sun is shining all bright and it's time for vacation...

best wishes to you

In this year at the beginning of September
You came into my class, how well I remember.
Some of you were smiling and giggling a lot
Some were very quiet and a few tears I could spot
You came here to learn, to be taught how to read
You were then very much like a tiny new seed
You were all in my garden just waiting to grow
So this gardener got busy with her rake and her hoe
I fed you the water and let in the sun
You took in the soil, but we had only begun
Each day as I worked in this garden of mine
I saw you all growing so strong and so fine
Then finally one day I took a good look
And saw each of my flowers reading a book
It was obvious then that you had worked too
Soaking up all the food I had given to you
But although you have blossomed, you still need to grow
So I'll pass you on now to another gardener I know
She too has a rake and hoe she can use
And plenty of food from which you can choose
I hope you will keep your roots open wide
Take in all her food and keep it inside
Yes, a gardener can work all night and all day
But the flower must be willing to take in each ray
So work very hard in your garden each year
Do the best you can and you'll have nothing to fear
Grow strong and tall, reach up for the sun
Stay as nice as you are and have lots of fun.
( from canteach website)