Aug 31, 2009

Back To School in Aurora, CO, USA

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It' time for our new friends at Sunrise Elementary School in Aurora, CO, USA to head back to school. We're lucky and delighted enough to get to know you and see what you did on your first day of school. It sounds like you had some great activities.
Wish you a prosperous and fruitful new school year.

Special thanks goes to Ms. Jolie Hendricks for sharing this great back to school video with us.
We can enjoy learning together!

Aug 15, 2009

Digital Stories From Colorado

Each one of us has a story to tell. For a story to be a story, it must be shared. Digital story finds its way into the classrooms. It includes images, spoken text, and tools for the creative minds.

Here is the link to amazing digital stories created by our friends at Sunset Elementary School in Craig, Colorado, USA. We're so excited to share ours with our distant partner school and learn more about the art of story telling.

Big THANK YOU to Mrs. Cheryl Arnett ...We do appreciate your hard work and dedication.

Aug 5, 2009

Our New Friends From The United Kingdom

We're so pleased to have a new partner school from the United Kingdom. Here is a very interesting presentation about our new friends at Bromstone Primary School- England. This presentation gives us a window on their school and allows us to compare and contrast. It also encourages new friendship and collaborative work. Surely, we'll enjoy creating projects with them and hope this will be the beginning for the long term...
A very special thank you goes to Ms. Stephanie Baker

Aug 3, 2009

Our New Friends From India

Photo Frames. Baby Dream

We made cards and created gifts from our newly recycled paper for friends and families.

We are involved in an environmental program on recycling called "Junk into FUNK":

In an effort to provide creative solutions for environmental problems we encourage pupils to funky art work out of trash. Our new friends from Bal Bharati Public School in India have created trendy fashion accessories from junk. It was nice of our new friends to show us their creativity and intelligence. We hope that more projects will follow.

Special thanks to the headmistress Sandhya Kakkar