Jan 28, 2009

Friendship Overrides Boundaries

We've Crossed The Boundaries

Jan 21, 2009

ENO Climate Campaign 2009

Eno Climate Campaign Speech by Mohamad Darwishe, Grade Two

Eno Climate Campaign Play performed by Grade Two
Frank the Frog: Ali Bissani
Boy: Mohamad Darwishe
Ted the Tree: Mohamad Al-Hussein
Rabbit: Rakan Al-Khatib
Dad: Muheiddin Tabesh
Mom: Jana Itani

Written by: Najwa Hassouna

Our school takes part in climate change campaign by the ENO Programme. ENO-Environment Online is a global virtual school for sustainable development that has spread its activities to over 120 countries.
For more information about this programme visit http://enocc.blogspot.com/

Our New Friends From Alabama

About Our New Friends

About Us

Thank you very much for being our friends!

Jan 12, 2009

Our Newest Class Member: "FROSTY THE SNOWMAN"

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