Mar 29, 2010

Mar 25, 2010

Video Storytelling

"I only know one thing about the technologies that await us in the future: We will find ways to tell stories with them. "
Storytelling has been with us since we started to communicate with each other and retelling is one of the skills for better reading and our favorite. After we've read "Click, Cliack, Moo...Cows That Type" story several times to identify and internalize the most important points of the text, we used graphic organizer to prepare the retelling...
We hope you enjoy the video of our retelling.
second graders

Mar 23, 2010

Children's Day At The Arab Cultural Club

"Today is Our Day...
Let's have fun today...
It's Children's Day"

What a Child Day would be without a celebration? Kids love reading and they love celebrities. That's why we arranged a reading session with a famous Lebanese actor, Mr. Wissam Sabbagh. Our kids enjoyed his story telling and played games with Miss. Nermine Khansa, a very active member at The Arab Cultural Club.
We deeply thank them for the warm hospitality. They made Children's Day a very special day as they opened their hearts to our kids and showered them with their gifts... stories, balloons and candies.

World Book Day With Bromstone Primary School, England

Thank you Mrs. Baker...Happy World Book Day to you, too!

bookmarks we have received....thank you dear friends

bookmarks we have sent


"The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you'll go."

We'd like to share with you the exchanged bookmarks that we and our friends at Bromstone Primary School in England made with lots of love.

Mar 21, 2010

Happy Sweetest Day, Mom

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me

Lifted me up when I couldn't reach

You gave me faith cause you believed

I'm everything I am



Mar 19, 2010

Our Toy Project

"TOY DAY"...We brought our favorite toys into school. We named and described our toys and then we classified them into different categories.

"TOYS AND GAMES FROM THE PAST"...What were our parents' and grandparents' toys like? How are our toys and games different from those in the past? and why are there differences?
We asked our grandparents to bring a toy they may have from their childhood to share with us and we were so happy to welcome Mrs. Jamal, Mrs. Sumaya and Mrs. Najah. They told us their toy stories and how they used to make their own toys and create their own games. It was really a joy to have them in our class and we wish they could visit us again!

"TOY SAFETY"... We've visited a couple of toy stores and learnt how to read labels and look for age ranges and safety warnings to make playtime a safe and joyful experience. Selecting the right toy is fun and rewarding!

Finally, we drew toys we wish they really existed...

Mar 17, 2010

New Friends From Gaza

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be."

Here are our new friends from "Jabalia Prep. C Boys School" - famous as "Al Fakhora" in North Gaza Strip, Palestine. It's a double shifting school and run by UN. Our new friends have sent us these beautiful photos showing us the different activities that were held at their school.
Thank you Mr. Mohammed Al- Azzami...It's always a pleasure to make new friends and looking forward to your new project with us.

Mar 11, 2010

Toys Project: East Calder Primary School

Primary 2 Students

Primary 2 class from East Calder Primary School in Scotland are learning about "Toys" in class. They've classified the different types of toys and the materials that they are made of. They'd also like to find out what toys children play with in other countries.

To Ms. Lorna Taylor and Primary 2 students, thank you for sharing your interesting power point presentation...Your work is amazing! We're so excited to get started and show you our "toys". We learn far more when we're having fun in class!

Mar 10, 2010

There's Always Room For One More

Playground is not only for fun, but it's also a place where we bond and form friendship. Learning how to share playground equipments helps us learn how to share materials inside of the classroom as well. We can be kind to others in lots of ways. Here is one way we can show kindness in the school playground. Hope you enjoy watching our photostory.
First Graders

Mar 2, 2010

One- Room Schoolhouse: Mr. John Parisi, USA

Mr. John Parisi

We looked at the photos to see what school was like for children our age many years ago.

one- room schoolhouse

Students of all ages were in the same classroom in one-room schoolhouse!

Early schools were different than schools nowadays. Today we go to schools in modern buildings with hundreds of other students. When we change grades, we have have new teachers and new classroom. But it wasn't always so. Mr. John Parisi sent us a letter telling us how it was when he was our age...he described a typical one- room schoolhouse: the interior and the exterior and how it was furnished....

and questions arose....

What kind of activities did students do in the schoolhouse?

How was the one- room schoolhouse equipped to help children learn?
Then we compared the experience of attending a one- room schoolhouse with going to school today ...and the final question was...
If given the chance, would you prefer to attend a one- room schoolhouse, or a larger modern school today? Why or why not????
The answer was... We prefer riding a horse or a wagon to school more than going by bus or by car and it's so interesting to be able to play in such a big playground!!!
Mr. John, it's an exciting way to learn about the past from a special friend like you. We'll write to you soon. Thank You
First and Second Graders

Mar 1, 2010

Friendship Cards From Roosevelt Elementary School: CA, USA

Our pen pals from "The Children's Creative Learning Center" at Roosevelt Elementary School in CA, USA have sent us beautiful cards, stickers, and poems. We're delighted to see what they have created for us. They decorated their cards with markers, glitter, and drawings. We're already preparing cards to send you and we'll try to answer all your questions.
Thank you Mr. Robbie Christensen...your stickers and lovely letter made our day shine!