Mar 1, 2015

Flat Matt Adventures in Lebanon

Second graders took their new friend Flat Matt with them on a trip or even home and recorded these adventures in their journal. They took pictures of their Matt to share them with you and their friends from around the world. Check out these photos... of some of the sights Flat Matt saw and adventures he had...

Feb 17, 2015

Our Stickman Comes to Life

A "STICKMAN" comes to life in our class!!!
Second graders drew a stickman and watched him come to life in an interactive stickman adventures. They followed instructions about what to draw and the stickman used their drawings in his adventures.
Here is the second graders' stickman:

Feb 12, 2015

Five Little Snowmen with Flat Matt

This 5 Little Snowmen craft is such an easy, quick and fun craft to do, especially on a cold day- like today! Second graders enjoyed drawing the snowmen’s hats, faces, scarves, and buttons on gloves.Then they placed a snowman puppet on each finger, and tried singing the Five Little Snowmen action rhyme with Flat