Jan 28, 2010

ENO Climate Change Campaign 2010: The March Of The Frogs

Kindergarten and grade one students have joined the ENO Climate Change Campaign this year and it was so interesting and successful.
We marched down the street with "Frank the Frog" who was hungry for pledges. We met a lot of people who were so kind to feed "Frank" with pledges of how to save the environment. "Frank", for sure, enjoyed his healthy breakfast and thanked every and each one for being so helpful.

Jan 25, 2010

ENO Climate Change Campaign At Beirut Municipality

We'd like to thank Dr. Riyad El Alayli, the head of the environment committee in the municipality for his time to meet with us. The discussion was very fruitful and we were very eager to share our ideas and opinions about climate change and what we are doing to help in stopping it.

Jan 24, 2010

ENO Climate Change Campaign 2010

with President Amine Daouk

with the mayor Mr. El- Ariss and Dr. El- Alayli
with Miss Adla Shatila and Dr. Kamel Dallal

We were looking forward for this year's ENO Climate Change Campaign project. The campaign started with a visit to President Amine Daouk, Miss Adla Shatila, and Dr. Kamel Dallal. They previewed our special ENO picture album, signed our pledge and fed "Frank The Frog" with their own pledges.
Our next stop was Beirut Municipality. We handed a letter to the mayor Mr. El Ariss with a plea for some changes we would like to see in our city, Beirut. The mayor promised us that our requests will be considered.
Dr. El Alayli, the head of the environment committee in the municipality also met us. We were overwhelmed by his warm welcome and generous hospitality.
Special thanks goes to Mr. Amine Daouk, Miss Adla Shatila, and Dr. Kamel Dallal for always showing enthusiasm to share in our various projects. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.
Gratitude also goes to Mrs. Rola Ajouz for giving us the opportunity to visit the municipality and meet municipality members. A big thank you to the mayor and to Dr. El Alayli.
We would also like to thank Mr. Mika Vanhanen, ENO Director, for your dedication and hard work! You all contributed in making this activity a very successful one!

Here is the link to our video on the ENO website.

Jan 21, 2010

Steep Dreams: Maxime Chaya, A Hero From Lebanon

It is when you reach the mountain top that the climb begins...

If your friend falls on one side, you should fall to the other to save the whole team...
and to save yourself!

"I'm still the same from the outside, but such an adventure changes the person from the inside: you become more humble, more grateful for all the kindness we take for granted in our daily lives. And all this has convinced me that nothing is impossible, it’s all about having a dream, and really commit in this dream come true."

An honor it is and a privilege...
A joy it is and a pleasure...
When we were introduced to a man like Maxime Chaya, the conqueror of the world's highest mountain in the world...
To learn what he has done and how much he suffered in achieving his goal...
To learn what he has learned from his great experience...
It is a good inspiration...indeed!

Jan 12, 2010

Habib Seeking His Roots

Habib's letter

translation of Habib's letter

Habib is a student in Northern Germany. He has just started learning English. He wants very much to get in touch with pupils from Lebanon. His parents are Lebanese and he is in search of his roots. Habib wants to learn more about his culture, the life, and every day experience in Lebanon.
Habib, we are so delighted to receive your letter. Your teacher told us a lot about you. We'll write you back and send pictures soon. We all love you!

Jan 10, 2010

Snowmen Without Snow In Grade One

Many thanks to Mrs. Cheryl Arnett for sharing your video with us. We liked it so much that we decided to bring the snow to our classroom, too, and build our own snowmen.

Let it snow! But what if it doesn't snow till now in our country and we still want to enjoy making a snowman...Is there a way to make one and bring the snowman in class?

......... and it looked like snowing in our classroom and we hurried up to build as many snowmen as we could. We shared what we would say and do if we were snowmen. We found out that snowmen are so sad cause of the climate change and they are missing their friends. We promised to learn more about how to take care of our environment to make sure we get enough snow.

Jan 6, 2010

Animated Snowman Story

One thing is absolutely clear...We love stories! We had a great time planning. First, we used the story map to identify the main parts of a story.

Here is our story map:

Title: The Lonely Snowman
Characters: Snowman- second graders
Setting: in winter- in the mountains
Plot: Beginning- Middle- End
Problem: The snowman is lonely.
We were divided into three groups to create our story: Station A, Station B, and Station C.
Station A was responsible for the beginning, Station B for the middle, and Station C for the ending. Then we sat in coopreative groups and took turns telling the story and writing it down. It's really fun to watch ourselves in this animated video dancing with the main character "the lonely snowman"!

Jan 5, 2010

New Year Wishes From Our President

"I extend
My Best Wishes and Greatest Hopes for good Health and Success
To all Principals of Schools, Teachers, students, Staff and
To Makassed Hospital Doctors, Nurses and Staff, and
To Makassed Volunteers and To Makassed Scouts, and
To all Administrative Staff and Social Workers, and
To the Directors of Makassed, and
May this year be as great as all the years past... and may you build for the Golden Era of your Association"
Mr. Amine Daouk

Greetings From Balmuildy Primary School: Scotland

"We have enclosed some of the work done by our pupils on some Scottish festivals and celebrations. We hope you have enjoyed some of the work we have already displayed on elanguages. It is great fun taking part in such a project; connecting with schools across the world. Our pupils are fascinated to see how much we share with friends in other countries.
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
(Lang may yer lum reek!)... a traditional Scottish New Year's Toast!

Best Wishes
Linda, Maragaret, Carolyn, and Gillian
And everyone at Balmuildy Primary School

Many thanks to the wonderful team of Balmuildy Primary School. We're so delighted to collaborate with you and always looking forward to share more interesting activities. The pupils did a great job describing winter and drawing about the New Year.
"Lang may yer lum reek! and Happy Hogmanay to you!"

Jan 3, 2010

New Year Card From Mrs. Baker, UK

Happy New Year to you, too.

Thank you so much!
Best wishes to you and everyone at Bromstone Primary School

Letters From Mid Calder Primary School

We all shine like stars!

We are really very excited to receive letters from our friends at Mid Calder Primary School in the United Kingdom. You gave us the possibility to use English for a real purpose.
Thank you Ms. Maah- Rukh for collaborating with us to integrate a letter- exchange program in the classroom.

Jan 2, 2010

Children's Day: JNV Bhiwani, India

Children made posters, and then created a classbook of their drawings.

Here is a video of the children's visit to Appu Ghar on Children's Day. They organised several competitions for senior students and excursions for junior classes' students.
Special thanks to Ms. Namita Verma... We're so glad to collaborate with you and looking forward for more to come.