Nov 23, 2010

Flat Stanley In Lebanon

Flat Stanleys with our friends in Colorado, USA

with a passport

and now in Lebanon

Hello! I am Flat Stanley :)

We're participating in Flat Stanley Project, which is based on the book "Flat Stanley" written by Jeff Brown.

Last month we made paper Flat Stanleys, put them in an envelope, and mailed them to our friends at Sunset Elementary School in Craig. Today we were so happy to meet the new guest. Flat Stanley had a very long flight to our country. He came holding his passport with him. After discussing the project, we decided to take him along on outings, take photos, and keep a journal of his experiences. We'll make a little "sleeping bag" for this flat character and treat him as an honored guest!

It's a wonderful way to come together to share and learn from each other.

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carnett said...

We are so happy to see the Stanleys have joined your class! We can't wait to spend time with your Stanleys and participate in this fun project!