Apr 12, 2011

The Tooth Tally Project: A Message from The Tooth Fairy

Lost teeth we've lost recently in March.

Tally Page

The Tooth Fairy
We have found some notes on our wiki page from friends from different countries, who are like us, losing their teeth and wondering what The Tooth Fairy is doing with all those lost teeth. Our friends loved seeing all our artwork and the book we've made.
...and there was a big surprise! The Tooth Fairy has left us a note. She's simply pretty with a shining smile. Here is her note:

"What a wonderful page you have made, "Young Clovers"! I really like your stories of what I do with the teeth I collect, very interesting ideas. Thank you for your lovely drawings and I liked meeting Lucky.
Love from The Tooth Fairy"

Thank you Fairy, it's so nice of you!  Lucky liked meeting you, too. We have some questions...just answer them when you have time...we know you're so busy collecting teeth from children around the world.
- What do you do with all the teeth you collect?
- How do you know we lost a tooth?
- How fast can you fly?
- Where do you live?
- Do you have a family?
- What is your favorite food?
- What is your favorite color?
Keep in touch, Tooth Fairy! Looking forward to receive your reply.

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