Apr 14, 2011

Dental Visit Makes Us SMILE!

and "THANK YOU" for being so thoughtful, caring, and kind 

yes, we promise to take care of our baby teeth

Dr. Zahra Kabbani discussed the importance of dental health.

a song we've learned today from Dr. Zahra Kabbani Adra
"Brush, brush your teeth...twice a day...everyday
Floss, floss your teeth...once a day...everyday
that's the way we fight decay"

It was great to have the dentist, Dr. Zahra Kabbani Adra and her assistant visit our classroom today to tell us about the importance of brushing our teeth the right way, eating healthy food, and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups. 
Dr. Adra first dressed for us so that we can see how she looks like if we visited her at her clinic. She put on her beautiful purple costume and a funny mask. She emphasized the importance of regular teeth brushing and flossing through an interactive discussion, a power point presentation, and three videos. We got a booklet to remind us of how to take care of our teeth, toothpaste, and dental health worksheets. 
For us, a visit to the dentist is a very stressful experience...but now, we can accept the new adventure  because we know what to expect and understand the reason for that. We have lots to tell our family about what we had seen.
Thank you Doctor for sharing about your job and making the visit fun! Very Much Appreciated!

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Nadeen Berjawi said...

That's a great work...Raising dental care awareness among our youngsters is essential nowadays.Kids are always exposed to eat junk food especially when watching TV or playing video games.Early tooth loss has become an issue.I congratulate my friend Dr.Zahra for following the right track of attracting kids' attention to such health problem.Keep it up.