Apr 12, 2011

Lunch Box Project: Questions from Jordan and Germany

Jordanian Friends

video by our friends at Umm Attia Primary School for Girls in Jordan

...and another great video from our friends at Leipzig International School in Germany

Our friends in Jordan and Germany have posted 3 videos on our page on wiki. Our Jordanian friends want to know about our "labne" and how we prepare it. Our German friends have some questions about our food. They'd like to know how the Lebanese "mnakeesh" tastes like, how we make it and when we usually eat it. They also asked us these questions about our school:
- Do you have a library at your school?
- What time does your school start and finish?
- How many students are there in your classroom?
- What's your favorite game?
- What language do you speak?
- Do you have TV?
- Is your school old or new?
- Do you have computers?

Thank you for posting on our wiki page and we'll answer your questions as soon as we can. 

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