Feb 2, 2010

Scotland's National Poet, Robert Burns: Mid Calder Primary

Scots around the world celebrate January 25, Robert Burns' birthday, Scotland's National Poet who was born in 1759.
Robert Burns grew up poor, his father did his best to educate his bright and lively son even though not many years could be spent at school. Still, Burns was a reader and learnt not only the ins and outs of his own language, but English as well (and some French). Robert Burns' poetry revolves around country and town life, the life he knew. He published a book of his poems in 1786 and achieved an unexpected success!
Mrs Ghafoor, primary 4 has been working on 'Things Scottish' as Monday was the celebration of Robert Burns birthday.
Mrs Hendry's class has also posted a video to the work of P6B. They designed their very own mini haggis. The poem, Address to a Haggis, by Robert Burns is recited by Jack, P7B and the song A Man's a Man is sung by some primaries sevens.
Thank you Mrs. Ghafoor, Mrs Hendry, and Mrs. Wilma Gordon for sharing with us your slideshow and video and showing us the activities done at school with our friends. You made this day a very special day especially with your amazing research, presentation and the bright beautiful bulletin board display.

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