Feb 27, 2010

New Friends From Malaysia

These are pictures of my students(SENA Cyberkids Club) at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sena. From left-front Mira,Amirah, left-back Muaz,Danish,Akif,Izzah,Dayana & Ameer from class 3 Musytari.
From left-front...Hafizuddin,Marha Marini & Azim
from left-back..Syafiqah,Irdina,Izzat,Bibi Mirsya,Farah Insyirah & Izzah from class 5 Elit.This group is involved in creating e-magazine for SENA Cyberkids Club 2010.

Regards from Malaysia
Ms. Muainah Ismail

We're so excited to have new friends from Malyasia and would like to know more about your country, your traditions and customs. We're looking forward to collaborate with you and have great time together.
Best Regards from Lebanon

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