Feb 13, 2010

A Message From A New Friend, Mr. John Parisi

Dear Ms. Rawya:
To introduce myself, my name is John, and I live in America. I am eighty years old, retired from the Post Office and now would like to write to someone in a foreign country like Lebanon. Lebanon is a very interesting country to learn about. Now that I am retired I can pursue what interest me the most, and that is to write to someone in another country, and to learn their customs etc..
I have much experience with six to eight year olds. Sometimes I go to our school and tell stories to the children. I don't have a picture to send you by computer. If I have the name of the school and the address I would like to write and put pictures in the mail. It is wonderful that you are teaching the children English.Tell your students hello for me, hello, from someone far away. I would like to hear from you.
Sincerely yours,
John Parisi

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