Feb 13, 2011

Mawlid Mubarak from Second Graders

We Love Muhammad (PBUH) 

What would your gift to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on his Mawlid be?

My Step Book: The Five Pillars of Islam

It's Mawlid Al-Nabawi! This is one of the happiest days of our calendar. Let's celebrate the birthday of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and spread his messages of love and peace to all. Wishing you Mawlid Nabawi Mubarak Inshallah
Second Graders

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Sabah wazzan said...

Magnificent and ideal work Rawya .This is what should be done everyday and at all times, since we are asked to raise our children with the love of God and his prophet.God bless you and your children.