Feb 28, 2011

Flats' Adventures in Japan

Haruka and her Brother
Having Great Time!
Flat with Hina Dolls
Beautiful Flowers in Japan :)
Hikari's Cat
               Watch this video and you'll get the answers to your questions.

A message from our Japanese friends:
"This is the time of the year for the Girls Festival and the families display these ornate dolls. So Stanley is getting around.
We have a few questions for you. When do you start to study English? How many hours a week do you study? Do you have English programs on TV with subtitles?
If possible Yuko and I would like to come to visit you someday.
Just to answer one of the questions that the kids had. The picture of Hikari with Santa was in out house/ school."
                                                       Yuko and Stu Farnsworth

Dear friends,
First we'd like to thank you for taking good care of our Flats. We liked the photos you have sent us!...and how wonderful it is to get the chance to meet you in Lebanon!
It's interesting to learn that there's a special festival for girls called "Hina Matsuri", or Doll Festival, which is celebrated on March 3rd in Japan. Parents celebrate their daughters' happiness, growth, and good health on this day. Your "Hina Dolls" are so lovely and the idea of this celebration is amazing!

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