Jan 31, 2011

The Lunch Box Project

Plot Location: Beirut, Lebanon

brief audio introduction on Woices 
click to hear some voices on the Woices Map in different languages

The Lunch Box Project on Wiki
The link to the project on wiki :  The Lunch Box

We've been recently involved in an interesting project, "The Lunch Box", an international language and cultural awareness project. The main goal is to use the second language for an authentic purpose and to become aware of the similarities and differences between cultures. There are five stages in this project and the activities in each stage are going to be completed by a certain date.

The participants are:

- Australia: Laurimar Primary School, Melbourne, VictoriaDoncaster Gardens Primary School, Melbourne, VictoriaOberthur Primary School, Perth, Western Australia,  and  The Hutchins School, Hobart, Tasmania 

- The United Kingdom: Sinfin School, Derby
- Jordan: Mafraq 

We're currently in stage one of this project which needs to be completed by Friday, February 4th...and we're done! We have joined the group on google and also the teachers' blog on Posterous to go with the project and then located our country on the map and  recorded our voices on Woices Map.
Here is the link to the project on Posterous: "The Lunch Box"

blog on Posterous

Thank you Mrs. Jess McCulloch for organizing this project...it was so interesting to discuss this project with you on skype and share ideas!

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