Jan 29, 2011

Dicto- Comp Technique

the first step to Dicto- Comp...listening

Boys did the acting out, while the girls read the poem a second time.

Girls did the acting out, while the boys read the poem a third time.

Here is a video of how we acted out the poem.

writing one sentence for each action

Dicto- Comp Dictation is an effective exercise and a learning activity. We applied phonics skills and practiced the integrative use of listening and writing skills. 
Here are the steps we followed:
1. First, we listened to the poem several times.
2. Next, we read the poem slowly and acted it out.
3. We listened to the poem and all the students tried to act it out.
5. Teacher pantomimed the poem and we wrote one sentence for each action.
6. Peer- Correction
Thank you, Mrs. Tamara Nicolai Itani, for telling us about this technique. Dictation has never been so much fun!

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hopesforall said...

Very motivqting qnd funny