Dec 22, 2010

The Way We Read Around Us

We read company signs,

store signs,

and bank signs............

We are ePals, the community-wide collaboration, has focused on how we say "HELLO" in different languages. Now, they'd like to have a sample to include on the ePals page, as a demonstration for others to see:

- 1 minute video showing how we read in our environment. For this reason, we, first graders, took a short trip around our school building to find labels and signs to read and made a video showing the way we read around us in Arabic, our native language, and then translate it to English.
Big Thank You to Mrs. Elizabeth Fish and the ePals association for giving us the chance to join these projects. Your support is exemplary! That made us very happy!

and here is the link to our video on the ePals website:

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