Dec 4, 2010

Recycling At Riyadh Najed Schools: Saudi Arabia

Our new friends at Riyadh Najed Schools in Saudi Arabia

Recycling crafts is a great way to teach kids about recycling and the environment.

Recycling Bulletin Board...What? Why? How?

"Recognizing the importance of recycling, the elementary students at Riyadh Najed Schools (Boys Section) hand in hand with the American Diploma students prepared a project about the materials that can be recycled and the benefits of recycling. The project showed that recycling is our best means to counter the damage we have been doing to the earth for centuries. Students were very interested in the benefits of recycling and the role it plays to improve our environmental condition.

Students have fun making their own watering can to use in the garden by recycling a plastic jug. This is clear in the following picture that shows on of Riyadh Najed students watering a tree using a recycled plastic jug."
Mr. Nawar Rahmoun, Assistant Director of English Language Center at Riyadh Najed Schools

Thank you Mr. Rahmoun for sharing with us your recycling project... and we're so glad that you liked our recycling activities that we did last school year.
Happy New Hijri Year to you and to all our new friends...

New is the year...and new are the hopes!

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