Mar 19, 2010

Our Toy Project

"TOY DAY"...We brought our favorite toys into school. We named and described our toys and then we classified them into different categories.

"TOYS AND GAMES FROM THE PAST"...What were our parents' and grandparents' toys like? How are our toys and games different from those in the past? and why are there differences?
We asked our grandparents to bring a toy they may have from their childhood to share with us and we were so happy to welcome Mrs. Jamal, Mrs. Sumaya and Mrs. Najah. They told us their toy stories and how they used to make their own toys and create their own games. It was really a joy to have them in our class and we wish they could visit us again!

"TOY SAFETY"... We've visited a couple of toy stores and learnt how to read labels and look for age ranges and safety warnings to make playtime a safe and joyful experience. Selecting the right toy is fun and rewarding!

Finally, we drew toys we wish they really existed...

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sabiha said...

aww that is sooo cute..bless them