Mar 2, 2010

One- Room Schoolhouse: Mr. John Parisi, USA

Mr. John Parisi

We looked at the photos to see what school was like for children our age many years ago.

one- room schoolhouse

Students of all ages were in the same classroom in one-room schoolhouse!

Early schools were different than schools nowadays. Today we go to schools in modern buildings with hundreds of other students. When we change grades, we have have new teachers and new classroom. But it wasn't always so. Mr. John Parisi sent us a letter telling us how it was when he was our age...he described a typical one- room schoolhouse: the interior and the exterior and how it was furnished....

and questions arose....

What kind of activities did students do in the schoolhouse?

How was the one- room schoolhouse equipped to help children learn?
Then we compared the experience of attending a one- room schoolhouse with going to school today ...and the final question was...
If given the chance, would you prefer to attend a one- room schoolhouse, or a larger modern school today? Why or why not????
The answer was... We prefer riding a horse or a wagon to school more than going by bus or by car and it's so interesting to be able to play in such a big playground!!!
Mr. John, it's an exciting way to learn about the past from a special friend like you. We'll write to you soon. Thank You
First and Second Graders

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