May 28, 2009

Pop! Go The Bubbles!

Blowing Bubbles

Come with me; forget your troubles.

We'll take some soap and make some bubbles!

We can make them big or small;

It isn't very hard at all.

I can't be angry, sad, or blue

When blowing bubbles-now, can you?

Just blow your blues into each one.

We'll watch them sparkle in the sun.

We'll send them out into the sky.

There go your troubles!




Ghina Al-Badawi said...

How i loved to blow out bubbles wn i was a little girl :)

Abir Alkoush said...

شو حلو ذكرتيني بأيام الطفولةيعطيكي ألف عافية راوية

Rawya Shatila said...

how many memories does blowing bubbles bring back for everyone? there is nothing more relaxing than watching bubbles floating around...
i enjoyed my time watching the kids blowing and popping bubbles...i even joined them ;)