May 17, 2009

Beach Clean Up Day

Beach Clean Up at Ramlet Al-Bayda

In the presence of a representative of the Lebanese President, Mr. Michel Sleiman, Cedars Oraganization launched a campaign to clean up the beaches of Lebanon from Al-Abda in the north till Ras Nakkoura in the south.
Among the volunteers were representatives of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of the Environment, Lebanese army, municipalities, environmental, social, civil, and scouting organizations, diving clubs, and students from different universities and schools.

We volunteered to participate in this beach clean up campaign. We enjoyed cleaning up the beach with our parents to help keep our environment clean. We were all really happy to be involved to save our beautiful sea.

Everyone needs to do his part...

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Anonymous said...

It's a great activiity that promote atudents awareness about important enviromental issues and involve them in such social activities raise their concern about their country and make them feel that even as young they can make a difference..
am sure they enjoy it :)