Oct 4, 2010

Snow Days in Beryzovo, Russia

It's so cold!

Letters to our friends at Strekoza English Language School in Beryzovo, Russia

the link to our project on Strekoza English Language School website
"I'm sending you 4 letters from my students. I have told them that some of kids "from abroad" might want to reply them. It could be our start for this school year. It would be great if your kids could reply in the same way so we would form permanent e-pals pairs. About the kids: Anatoly is a boy, others are girls. Marsha, the youngest, is my daughter. They can then proceed to writing via the e-pals mail system, but now it is easier for them to hand-write. Yours could reply in any way they like. Yesterday night it started to snow for the first time this autumn (well, it did snow a couple of times before but not a lot and the snow melted immediately) - and we now have over a foot of snow! I'm sending you some photos I have just made - of my own kids and a bird feeder we quickly made with some lard and rowan berries - just hang those up on a clothes line J . I thought your kids might be interested to see the snow! Have a good weekend."
Mrs. Ekaterina Vertkova, thanks a lot for the letters and the beautiful snow pictures. How amazing to have snow! You are really very lucky. Looking at the snow pictures arose so many questions in the classroom...How is it that there is snow in Russia...fall in Colorado...and still so hot in Lebanon??? I think we're jealous of everyone's snow days! Hoping to get our share of snow this year and enjoy a white winter.

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