Sep 22, 2010

Silent Chalk Talk

Silent Chalk Talk Activity & Back to School

Chalk Talk is a silent conversation in writing that allows students to have an equal opportunity to participate. It is a versatile protocol that can be used for many purposes. It is a way to reflect, generate ideas, assess background knowledge, check on learning, develop projects, or solve problems. Because it is done completely in silence, it gives groups a change of pace and encourages thoughtful contemplation.
1. The facilitator explains that the chalk talk is a silent activity. No participant may talk at all. Anyone may add to the chalk talk, as they please. You can add new ideas in word or symbol form as well as comment on the ideas of others simply by drawing a connecting line, etc., to the comment.
Special thanks to Microsoft for giving us the chance to attend Mr. Les Foltos' workshop in Washington DC. Silent Chalk Talk was an interesting activity to write and express our ideas and feelings that summer vacation is over and it's "back to school" again!

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