May 6, 2010

E- Waste And Battery Recycling Campaign

Congratulations to our young environmentalists!

Beeatoona power point presentation at UNESCO Palace talked about the big amount of e- waste that Makassed Association sent! Special thanks to Miss Adla Shatila, the director of IT and finance departments.

Our drawings on Voicethread

During our environmental awareness week, various projects tackling different important issues related to the environment were done at school by students. One of these projects that students have enjoyed working on was "Recycling Batteries." It proved to be a very crucial project that students gained a lot of information. The project passed through several stages before its final completion. First, students gathered information and read a lot about it. Then they worked in groups. Every group focused on an aspect of the project. They prepared drawings and posters and displayed them on bulletin boards. Students also piled all their work in a class book about batteries. In accordance to our choosing this project, we joined a Lebanese environmental organization called Beeatoona. We contacted them once we had collected a big number of unused batteries and e- waste. They were very elated when they found out about the amount of work done and presented us with awards in recognition to our active environmental effort.

Big Thank You to Miss Sabah Wazzan and Miss Rana Lawand

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