Dec 16, 2009

National Tree Day In Bekaa

Special thank you to Sheikh Khalil El-Mayss, Mufti El- Bekaa, for your gracious hospitality. If those trees could talk, we are sure they would tell you how proud they are to be planted in your yard!

We have received 50 olive trees from the Armed Forces Command. We highly respect and appreciate the sacred gifts. Thank you

Big thank you to Mr Adel Bahlawan, Mr. Jamal Farhat, and to the wonderful school team of Al- Marj School for the warm welcome and hospitality.
We very much enjoyed our planting day with you!

with our new friends at Al- Marj School

On National Tree Day, we visited Azhar El- Bekaa and Makassed Al- Marj School and planted the baby olive trees along with our new friends. They all promised us to take care of the trees...and with sunshine and good soil our trees will grow with us and will always tie us back to this beautiful land.

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Mus'ab Si Jahil~ said...

i'm from malaysia, n insyaallah i will going to lebanon to continue my study at Institute of Azhar, at Bekaa, Lebanon, under sheikhuna sidi yusuf muhyildeen al-bakhour al-Hasani..

can you tell me a litle bit about al-bekaa and its area, also about that institute..
and, is al-bekaa safe for people to stay, if the israel attacks lebanon again..

perhaps you can tell me and give me guidence how to live at lebanon, and as i know, their currency also higher then malaysian ringgit, and the cost of living there is more expensive..

if you willing to help, you can send reply to my email, and may Allah bless you..

salam from malaysia ^_^