Nov 28, 2009

A Special Bond With The Elderly Community: Maine, USA

"Our community has a growing number of elderly people. We have a local organization, Spectrum Generations, that helps them stay connected within our community. The community being Nobleboro and other surrounding towns. Mrs Paula welcomed this group of people into her classroom several years ago and it has grown into something very special. Students in grades 2 & 3 meet with senior buddies once a month for the entire school year. Activities are planned for each visit. Everyone enjoys making friends and creating a special bond with the elderly community. Our last visit of the year is always a little sad as buddies say good-bye for the summer.Our Voice Thread project are pictures of students with their buddy holding a Thanksgiving turkey they made together. Hope you enjoy!"

Mrs. Linda Taylor

What gifts do the elderly prefer more than care and concern??? NO words can describe these photos...these are the photos that describe LOVE...We can feel the warmth and happiness just looking at them.

Mrs Schuster and Mrs Taylor, you have touched our hearts....Good teachers create good learners, but GREAT teachers like you, create better human beings.
You are making a difference!


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