Oct 4, 2009

World Tourism Day In New Delhi, India

It's so interesting to learn how the "World Tourism Day" was celebrated at Bal Bharati Public School in New Delhi, India. We can't thank you enough Ms. Sandhya Kakkar for sharing your school pictures on this special day with us. We have enjoyed seeing your marvelous projects, posters, bulletin boards and the beautiful drawings! There is no substitute for hard work, it's the key to success!


sandhya said...

It looks so beautiful on your website .thanks for including Bal Bharati in your BIG Family .I love your International School Award presentation .You truly deserved it .congratulations

Abir Alkoush said...

الله يعطيكي ألف عافية يا راوية عن جد بتبيضي الوجه,شي حلو كثير الي عم تعمليه

John Moris said...

Hi friends.... New Delhi India Tourism have this type attraction so i like this post thanks for sharing a good information.