Sep 28, 2009

Welcome Back!

interaction with new friends

form as many words as you can

find the ticket with your name on it and run to get a seat on the bus

exciting bus drive

classroom survey...find someone who...

taking a tour of school

Well, summer vacation goes to the end and off to school we go together. It's time to study, grow, and play. Our first day was an exciting day! It's full of happiness and hope for all of us! It's lovely to meet you all. I'm so happy to have you in my class and get ready to start where you left off. I look forward to keeping you posted of all the great things we'll do together. You're going to learn so much this year...


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful first day of school! So nice to see all the excitement and smiling faces. What a great project to show us all how alike we are. Thank you so much for sharing your first day of school with us. Have a wonderful year!

Jolie Hendricks
Second Grade Teacher, Colorado USA

Technologies Network said...

What a happy class! They really look like they are having such fun. All best wishes for a fantastic year.

carnett said...

So very nice to see all your wonderful students! Such a joyful day! Happy school days to all of you!

Cheryl Arnett
Sunset Elementary, Colorado USA