Jul 24, 2009

Our New Friends From Nepal

It's really great to have a lot of friends from different countries. New link means new experience. Here are our new friends from Nepal. Sometimes words are not so important and pictures do say it better. They say more than a thousand words. Our children continue to teach and inspire us all.

About SAV School...

"Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan is one of the English Medium Schools established in 1998 with 13 students in a backwarded countryside of Bhaktapur district of Nepal. The name of the village is Bageshwori (altitude approx. 1500 metre). It lies in the eastern part of Bhaktapur district. It was established when the parents were not so aware of their children's education."

Thank you Mr. Govinda Panthy for sharing your school pictures with us.

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