Apr 9, 2009

History Comes Alive at Dino City

Is Prehistoric Park Real???

Today our students experienced a close look at one of the most amazing yet mysterious periods of history when they went to Dino City in Ajaltoun. Greeting us at the entrance was a huge flying dinosaur. Students looked with wonder at the huge monument. They hurried to take pictures of it.
Then one of the monitors gave a brief overview of the different kinds of dinosaurs, their special features and way of living. She lead us to explore the different parts of the city.
The museum consists of five rooms starting with the room that shows cosmos explosion all the way to Earth as one of the solar planets then water as a main component of Earth, followed by the period when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, till the evolution of the cave man. Students spent time reading the cardboards with their clear illustrations that were all around the room. It was obvious that their sense of curiosity was at its best.
The most amazing part was no doubt the park. As we moved together towards it, we heard the loud roaring sounds of dinosaurs. Students for a minute opened their eyes and held their breath. But soon their fear vanished when they saw the different monuments of the six kinds of dinosaurs. They stood gazing at each one and in hesitation some attempted to touch it to make sure that it is not alive.
Afterwards, it was time to play. They headed to the playground to slide and swing. Their laughter could be heard all over the place.
Before heading back to the bus, it was time for a game. They were asked some questions about what they heard, saw, and read during the visit. They were easily able to answer the questions. The park monitor was amazed by this smart and attentive group of students and decided to give them free tickets to visit Dino City again with their families. Thank you for all the people at Dino City for their warm welcome and generosity. It was truly a memorable visit!


Anonymous said...

تفانيك في العمل رائع وشخصيتك اروع شكرا لكز

Sawsan Habboushi said...

You took very nice pictures Rawya and you did an amazing slide show . I was happy with you on the bus ( bas leish ma rje3te ma3na? ).