Jan 12, 2009

Our Newest Class Member: "FROSTY THE SNOWMAN"

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Anonymous said...

i really loved ur newest class member:)
the pictures are amazing.. they show how the students were involved making the snowman and enjoying their time..
it increase the students social skills by encouraging them to cooperate together to achieve their work..
i really enjoyed reading the comments on the slideshow... miss rawya is really creative

sawsan nourallah

Hasnaa M said...

SNOWMAN !!Oh, only the idea of doing a snowman will make me feel cold:), but yours was made out of the warmth of your hearts with lots of Love and harmony :):):)
so lovely :)

K. Sabban said...

I love the newest member in the class! I wish I could be in the class with everyone having so much fun! Very nice! You are all terrific!
K. Sabban

Anonymous said...

ali . u all made this wonderful snowman !i saw ur shinning eyes,but pls. be care about ur clothes,my clever son.i am soooooooooooooo happy to see u doing this snow man with ur friends & ur super teacher rawya .
ali'mom jamal.

Rana said...

Super work; you really kindle the flame of love to learning in these kids!
Good job kids; can't wait to teach you next year.

Anonymous said...

Good job kids...I like your new class member. Is he going to stay till the end of winter? so you should keep him warm with your marvelous work in class. He feels happy to see you bright and active.So let him have fun in your classroom and enjoy every activity.

Sabah Wazzan

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rawya...congratulation for creating your blog. You've always been a pioneer in being creative in your work.

Sabah Wazzan

zeina shehab said...

I loved your new member Mrs. Rawya, COOL snowman, COOL Idea, you made me feel cold as if it's a real one. Wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

wish i could visit your class . ..RAWIYA ...BUSY AND HAPPY ...GREAT .

Rawya Shatila said...

I really enjoyed reading every comment....Thank you all for your wonderful and encouraging words.

Wow! I didn't know that the snowman will be very popular around school. Maybe we will let him visit your classes and spend some time with the students ;)

I have loved The Snowman since I was a child and still love it to this day. I guess that everybody does! Just looking at it will bring back such fun childhood memories and seeing a snowman triggers those happy moments.

The kids had a great time making a snowman in the classroom.The activity was especially exciting cause there's no snow in Beirut.

Our snowman may not be made of snow, but it sure is CUTE :)

sawsan habboushi said...

اتمنى أن أكون في صف الأول أو الثاني لكنت اسعد كلوفر في الدنيا

zeina al-jamal said...

i loved your work rawya.it's amazing! the students are working as a team.

but...we can only say that miss rawya is really a great teacher and she's always giving our school a touch of LOVE.
good job rawya

zeina al-jamal

Ghada Itani said...

Rawya, that was, really, a creative idea. I like your class, and I envy your students for having you. I hope all other teachers are just like you, brilliant, original, smart, and caring. May God give you strength to go on with your hard work. I enjoyed reading all the comments and seeing these lovely pictures. Miss you a lot. Please do tell your students that I appreciate their hard work, and I hope to have them as my students at university. Take care. Hugs and kisses to all, especially to you.

samar said...

Really incredible work and fantastic snowman ,ingenious teacher "Mrs Rawya" Always you are Brilliant with a new actions.I am proud of you "CONGRATULATION"

"Miss Samar AL Masri"

Samar Radwan said...

Really I was impressed of what my eyes have seen.

Rawya, it is an amazing and wonderful work. Every time I meet you, you have something new, up-to-date, marvelous, and Great ideas. I am sure you love your students and your students love you. Go back to your photos and you'll know what I mean!

God bless you and "NEYYAL AL- MAKASSED FEEKE"

Samar Radwan

Zakaria Shatila said...

wow 3amto rawya, the snowman is sooo funny. your students are lucky because they get to see things like these
PS:omar got jealous

yahya shatila said...

I never thought that a barrel can be used other than ...........a barrel
Indeed you proved me wrong
so,now, barrels are friendly too

Hadia itani said...

Amazing idea! I really liked the idea of making a snowman out of a BARREL! Are there places for new students in your class? If yes,let me know coz I'd like to be in!

Rana Shatila said...

Yay shou helou. Although I hate everything related to the word "cold", but this seems sooooo warm. I love it, and I love the creative mind behind all those wonderful ideas. Your students are so lucky to have you.

Mohamad Darwishe said...

The snowman was amazing, it was our new class member. I liked him veeeeeery much. We took pictures with him and they are really nice pictures. It was fun when we built him!