Nov 17, 2008

Karaoke Adds JOY To My Life

If you love KARAOKE then watch this video.....



Anonymous said...

soooo sweet:) i bet kids were very excited to use the microphone and sing barney's song... miss rawya ur certainly adding joy to you students life everyday..


Jiji said...


Rana Shatila said...

Good job sis , I'm proud !

Darine Mohamad said...
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Darine Mohamad said...

Darine mohamad
Im very proud because last year
I was traind with a professional teacher like you . The evidence your iviting this british person to see your professional work.
Hope to be like you jn my future carieer

Robby said...

I love the newest member in the class! I wish I could be in the class with everyone having so much fun! Very nice! You are all terrific! K. Sabban

Anonymous said...

Hello young clovers.
My name is Dina.I want to tell you that you have an amazing teacher and that what you are doing is wonderful.I really like it and hope that other schools see what you're doing.You must be proud of your class as much as i and your teacher RAWYA are proud of you.She does not stop talking about you.
Keep up the good work young clovers,and hope to visit your class one day.
sincerely yours